YONQ: The 'Zine of Note


"YONQ? Yeah, I think I remember YONQ. Wandered through here about 6 months ago, crashed on my couch for a few weeks, then left in the night without saying a word. Left most of its clothes here and some weird blue slime shit in the bathroom. It... it wasn't a very good guest, but there was something nice about having it around. It was fun. A fucking asshole, but fun."

"YONQ rolled through this town going 40 miles over the speed limit and so amped up on methamphetamine that it thought its gear stick was a gun. Dunno how it survived crashing into the tree so fast, or how it managed to evade the cops for 72 hours before they finally pinned it down inside an old construction site, or how it managed to slip out the back of a moving squad vehicle while handcuffed. Either way, it's moved on now. I kinda feel blessed to have seen it do its thing anyway."

"Did you know that there's a shockingly good market for bootleg Aheago sweatshirts in Helena, Montana? I didn't, but somehow YONQ did, and it made a killing for a long time before the mob decided it was muscling in on their territory. Managed to take out three people in the ensuing gunfight, but it had to flee after taking a slug to the shoulder. I dunno what I'm going to do with all this unsold shirts."

"Yeah, it's in Switzerland now. Heard it through a friend of a friend. Apparently it somehow managed to swing a job as an advisor at one of those big global banks. You didn't hear this from me, but apparently it's already got its hands in all sort of international markets. Yeah, if everything goes right, it might not be much longer until we're all scrambling to invest in YONQbux."

"YONQ's gone, man. Not here. Vanished one day and no one knows where it went. Maybe... I don't know. Maybe we'll see it again when it decides it's ready to come back. But there's going to be a lot of people angry around here when it first shows its face."

In other words, YONQ is an independent art collective of hideous things that publish a self-titled literary magazine. We publish outsider art, genre fiction, mumblecore furries and many other things on an irregular basis.


YONQ can be reached on Twitter at @YONQzine or by email at YONQzine@gmail.com.